Workshop Workbook Testimonials

My hope is that you’ll come away from the Workshop Workbook a more creative and confident photographer. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to turn your budding business into a successful photography career, all the while staying true to who you are.

“This workbook has changed my business triple fold.  I was once making about $4000 per month – working my butt off.  Now I’m making between $9000 and $14000 per month and only working 3 days a week.  Tulsa has hundreds of photographers (or people with cameras calling themselves photographers) so I had to set myself apart.   I bought the workbook as my Christmas present and spent a week going thru it and implementing her system – I cannot recommend it enough.  Skye ROCKS!  Plus she has a great sense of humor which I appreciate.”

— Brenda Horan of Brenda Horan Photography

“I must say that this workbook doesn’t only benefit child and family photographers, I have already been applying my new learned techniques and tips toward my engagement sessions as well! This workbook is a MUST for photographers whose sessions involve people! Read the tips posted on this timeline and you will see how you can apply them to your business no matter the age of type of the client(s). Imagine a whole book full of how to successfully run your business! This book has changed the way I will do business from now on and I consider it one of my best business investments!! Thank you for sharing!!”

— Whitney Stilwel

“When I decided that weddings were no longer my thing, the only thing I could think of to do in photography was KIDS! It sounded like a lot of fun, but I had no clue where to start. My normal target market was college girls who loved all things wedding, and I had no idea what to do now that my entire business was about to change. I saw a few facebook ads for Skye’s workshop workbook and clicked on over, and within minutes of reading about it I knew this would be perfect thing for me to read. My eyes devoured the entire book in an hour and it changed my life. I know, that sounds unreal, but it really did, I felt like I could make it as a children photographer after reading all of her years worth of experience and tips that came along with it. The Workshop Workbook is pure genius, and you won’t believe all of the extra fun things that come along with it! Buy it, you won’t regret it.”

— Lauren Clark of Lauren Clark Photography & Love Affair Workshops

“When I first saw the ad for your workshop workbook I thought ‘cool’ and clicked but was soon discouraged by the price, even with a discount it seemed a lot. My heart however could not let it go, I was deeply impressed to check it out further. (Yes, a guy who listens to his heart, and very happily married) My passion happens to be children and making their personalities shine, so Skye’s work impressed me a lot, but I was still cautious about spending the money. I cannot express strongly enough however, how valuable the information is that is inside this wonderful collection. I have been studying and practising photography for over a decade and this is the most concisely compiled collection of information that I have seen, period. In truth, after going through everything in it I would in hindsight have happily paid double the regular price. Very awesome work Skye!”

— Malcolm S Reinhard of MR Photography, Australia

“I had to share with you how wonderful your “Pocket full of Poses” is and how well it works with kids. My daughter has studied, yes studied the poses and when we are out and I pull out the camera she goes through them by memory (with her own twist mind you). Her FAVE by FAR is the “stylish lean” she pulls that one out all the time just from memory) and puts several different variations on it! I love it! It actually makes her a bit more excited to get her picture taken! So, thank you for putting that together and for sharing so much of yourself with so many others!”

— Kristen Brown-Bates of Loveography Photography

“Photographers – Prepare to be inspired!! For photographers that are just thinking of going into business or those who are simply unhappy with the direction of their business, this is THE book for you.

Beautifully styled and packed full of gorgeous photos, posing and editing tips to polish your skills. But l found for me, the real driving force in Skye’s workbook was the business tips. Oh, how l wish something like this had been available when l first started my business 4 years ago!

Feeling underpaid, under-appreciated and on the verge of burn out, Skye’s workbook was exactly the kick in the behind l needed to turn my business into the dream l imagined, with information on how to hit my target market and make it all happen.

I now have a solid to-do list that l am slowly introducing into my business, so l can earn the income l desire, while giving my family the attention it deserves. Thank you 1000 times over Skye.”

— Lisa Jordan of Lisa Jordan Photography

“Skye, I can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work and SOUL you put into this 2010 book.  I originally purchased the book in 2009 and swear by it daily.  Wasn’t sure anything was better than that…until I received the 2010 upgrade!   From the 202 page guide (good god girl how do you do it), to the POSING GUIDE (my new baby), to the marketing and newsletter info, etc etc. I could seriously go on about this all day long.  If you ever get tired of me thanking you for it – just tell me.

I’m in awe of your art and inspired by your words through your guides.  If I could gift this to any photographer out there I would.  Thank you for your talent, your generosity and your SOULFUL work!”

— Jenny Watts of Jenny Watts Photography

“As a photographer/mother/wife/business woman. I really don’t have time to go do a lot of mentoring in person. I purchased Skye’s book so that I would be able to go at my own pace. Can I just say I fell IN LOVE with her Work Book. It is EXACTLY what I needed for my business! It is So well put together and so Shabby Chic. Her Style screams at you in this book. It is the BEST INVESTMENT I have made for my business. So inspiring, detailed, and just plain FAB! Thank you Skye for your hard work, for your inspirations, knowledge, and for helping me reach a little higher in my business. With out this book I don’t think my business would be where it is today! This book is what every photographer should have a copy of. I don’t know what I would do with out mine! “

— Mindy Young of Mindy Young Photography

“I never thought that a workbook could make my heart soar but it did and I am so glad I found it and you.  I am  what everone calls a “mom with a camera” but before that I was a girl with a dream and I can actually see that dream coming true (dude, I am feeling cheesier by the minute). I don’t normally gush over stuff but this is so worth gushing and worth every single penny!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your talent, thank you for giving me some much need validation and thank you for being such an inspiration!”

— Stephanie Tanner of Littleface Photography

“Skye’s Workshop Workbook is a dream come true for any photographer starting out or looking to go deeper in the art and business. Skye is an amazing professional who shares openly in all honesty and sincerity her love, her passion along with delivering an incredible amount of practical information and useful resources.

When I received the Workshop Workbook, I was amazed at the quality and quantity of valuable information throughout the workbook and just couldn’t stop from reading. I loved how Skye’s style is very concise and precise, chapters are really well organized. I love how Skye adds a personal touch including great input all along. The content is very well structured which makes it easy to read through, or just go straight to the information you are after. Resources are plenty and I loved having so many forms available to customize!

While setting up a business feels pretty overwhelming at first, the Workbook has revealed to be my best companion!  This workbook is really a dream come true!”

—Flo Dupuy of Yummy Faces Photography

“I am beyond happy as I reviewed the content of the workbook upon downloading it. Finally a resource to help me and provide concrete details to better my business.

Being a pediatric/picu nurse for many years I love children and how they face life through the good and bad.As my passion for photography has grown I tried to see myself being forced into a wedding/adult photog. That alone was enough to stress me out.

When I thought of my perfect clients and who I would love to photograph it always came back to newborns-early elementary ages.

I went to your site and was enamored by your product and wisdom.This morning I bought your workbook !Having real life experience and wisdom have help build a foundation for my business.”

— Cathy Picking

“Every photographer has days where they lack inspiration and have self doubts– Skye Hardwick’s workbook helps you to push through those moments and create.  She is a wealth of information for photographers.  I LOVE the inspiration guide–it isn’t something to copy BUT it inspires.  I remember having aha moments while studying in college.  You find inspiration in a professor.  I would liken this workbook to that.  It pushes you to create better pieces.  It is a great resource for budding photographers that are looking to create a business out of their “passion” PLUS then you no longer have to babystep them through the process!”

— Kacie Nickles

“I went back and forth with my decision to buy Skye’s workbook.  I wanted to make sure I was spending money the right way to build my business.  I’ve never regretted my purchase.  The workbook gave me the boost of confidence I needed to actually make my hobby becme a business!  Thanks Skye!”

— Beth Jeppson

“I have read most of your workshop already and I’m blown away by the information you provide and your willingness to share.  And wow – the timing could not be any better for me personally.  I won’t bore you with the all of details but just real quick…….I have been wanting to do photography as a business for quite some time.  I’m a CPA by day but my passion is photography.  I can completely lose myself in photography – taking the photos as well as working on the photo after it has bee taken.  However, I have been told over and over by other photographer’s in my area that I spend way too much time capturing and then working one just a few images.  While they all seem to agree that the final images are great and unique, they all say there is no market for what I do - people will not pay a premium for my work.  As they keep telling me, most parents just want the headshot or what everyone is buying.  As a result, I had all but given up on what I really want to do.  Specifically, sell fewer photos but for higher dollar amounts.  Works of art vs. just another photo.  I see so many senior portraits that to me look exactly like all the other senior portraits.  Same with children and family portraits as well as sports photography.  I’m not saying that my work is anything close to what you are doing but I do believe that it’s unique and a cut above what I see others doing in my area.  Your work inspires me and gives me hope that there is a market out there for more artistic, unique photography.

I could ramble on forever but suffice it to say that your workshop is absolutely wonderful and it has really given me hope that what I want to do most is not necessarily impossible.  It has also highlighted for me what I already knew deep down – I have been doing most everything wrong up to the point.  But that’s okay – it’s not too late and I’m excited to “right the ship” and see where it takes me.  It’s very scary but at least my hope has been restored.”

— Scott Jackson

“I love the new workbork! For me the workbook came right at a time when I was struggling with some pricing decisions. I loved your tips on pricing strategies for friends & family. I am was able to use that information and apply it to my pricing model and am happy with the outcome. I turned it into an offer for friends & family and have had several inquiries because of it. Thank you again for all of the great information in your workbook!”

— Jen Prescott of Jen Prescott Photography

“I purchased this workbook a version or two back and every time it’s updated, it gets even better.  I’ve read the workbook cover to cover many and many times over and find new little hints all the time.  I’ve learned how to fix that nagging shadow on people’s face with a simple technique I never thought of before, and have altered the way I present my images to my clients because of the ideas I’ve seen.  Actually I altered my entire workflow and way I handle business because of the workbook and I cannot thank Skye enough for all the effort and hard work she has put into this piece, I really appreciate all the insight she’s given me and most importantly learning from someone else’s trials and successes!”

— Mahalo Nui Kaui

“I absolutely love the workbook. It is filled with so much great information, tips and resources. It’s like a up and coming photographers “little black book.” It is filled with tons of pictures too. I have to have visual aids while I am learning, it’s a must! I also love the posing guide. It’s filled with amazing poses for just about anyone. I also love how you can take any of the poses and modify them for almost anyone at any age. Thanks Skye, much love!”

— April Todd of April Todd Photography

“I have to say thank you!  I’ve spent years spending money on the best equipment and gear.  People love what I do but I just never felt like I was capturing what I really wanted to get.  I recently purchased your workbook and today went for the first time out to shoot without any of my fancy lighting and high dollar gear.  Just me a bunch of kids and my 5D mark II.  I am just so happy with what I captured.  I worked with many commercial photographers and a lot of “old school” guys.  And lighting was everything.  This light here and this softbox there.  I felt like the more complicated your lighting the better photographer you were.  Honestly, I think today I captured some of my favoriate images of any I have done.  Thank you so much for taking the time to inspire.  I feel like a big door opened for me today!”

— Amy Sievers

“I purchased your workbook early in Febuary this year and I have to admit that i was struggling with my business. I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in, I relied on doing free work to help promote myself and I was constantly cutting my prices to ensure that I got the clients. I had very little in the way of marketing myself and what I had wasnt working. I was unhappy and everyday i found myself having to push myself into picking up my camera! I didnt have a clue. Until I accidentally stumbled upon your website and I was blown away!

I got the business kick I really needed. I followed every word in the original workbook, I spent weeks going through my “business” with a fine tooth comb and I realised that I was the one letting my business down. I had no marketing, no business policies, no business respect for myself!

Its been 3 months since then and my business is finally making me happy. I’m promoting myself in the right places, in the right way. I have business polices that fit in with me, and I find it easy to stick to them. I say no to people who undervalue me and my work. I have had more bookings in the last 6 weeks than I have done in the last year and I have you to thank for that. I would have never pushed myself without your guidance. Thank you!”

— Kayleigh Clarke

“I purchased the workbook this past labor day after having a friend recommend it.  I have read it cover to cover 3 times and I am so glad to have discovered such an invaluable resource!

I am in the very early stages of starting my own business.  The amazing insight and ideas Skye offers are giving me the confidence to go forward.  I have felt more compelled to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone both in valuing my worth and pricing as well as exploring my ”style”and owning it.  The tools are wonderful and the business info is informative and plentiful!  Well worth the investment! Thank you Skye for your time and effort, it doesn’t go unnoticed.”

— Nicole Goddard

“The workshop workbook is truly a wealth of knowledge!  It encompasses everything you need to know to fine tune your talents & abilities, including the skills & tools to grow a successful business!”

— Camille Larsen

“When I initially purchased Skye’s workshop workbook I only wanted to add some ZING to my photos. I had a fairly nice camera (the Canon Rebel XSi) and a decent lens, but my photos were lacking that star quality. From reading all of Skye’s tips I have gone from “Woman with a cool camera” to “Woman that takes AMAZING outdoor photos!” Skye’s workbook covers all of the creative aspects of photography as well as everything (and I do mean everything) one needs to know about starting a photography business. I feel confident armed with all the tools Skye has provided and have decided to turn a hobby I love into a way of earning money to help send the children to college. Thank you Skye for your generosity in sharing your expertise, and thank you for the creative RUSH I get everytime I double click the workshop icon on my desktop.”

— Carla Naron Photographer & Mixed Media Artist

“It’s hard to be a photographer starting out. You constantly question and doubt yourself, wondering if you’re doing things the best or smartest way. For me, opening The Workshop Workbook was like opening a little box of secrets. It gave me confidence in what I was doing in some areas, pointed me the right direction in other areas, and supplied me with an abundance of inspiration and motivation. Skye was not only given the gift of being a fabulous artist; she is an amazing writer as well. I can’t recommend this workbook enough. Who couldn’t use a little extra confidence and inspiration?”

— Nicki

“Whenever I hit that moment on a shoot when I have that little internal panic, having Skye’s posing guide to hand in my camera bag brings me back down, refocuses me and gives me any inspiration that has left me. Skye was able to help me with a technical issue within hours of my purchase, despite being on the other side of the world to me.”

— Emma from Oscar and Rose Photography