January 31, 2013

Showcase | Rebecca Sehn

Introducing photographer Rebecca Sehn of Vancouver, Canada.

In her own words Rebecca tells of the inspiration behind her shoot below.

skye | what was the inspiration behind this shoot?

The idea for this shoot was sparked when I stumbled upon the adorable little girl’s cape by April Scott. I loved the nostalgic feel of it, and it reminded me of the English countryside. I could picture so clearly a little girl exploring the moor in miniature Wellingtons.

skye | did your initial vision for the shoot stray too far from the final result? If so, please elaborate:

One thing that I have no control over is the weather: I had envisioned the shoot taking place under very dark, moody skies. The actual day of the shoot was quite sunny, so the end result was a little brighter and cheerier than I had planned.

skye | how did you choose this location?

I wanted a spot with long, wild grass that looked like it could be a marshland. The location I chose was the closest thing I could find to that up here in Vancouver!

skye | thinking back to when you first started as a photographer, how do you feel about how your style has evolved over the years? Are you where you hoped or thought you would be?

I have a really clear vision of how I like my work to look, and I suppose it’s a combination of lighting, styling, posing, and mood. Comparing to when I first picked up a camera – I was just happy to get my exposure correct! It took me quite a few years to find my style, and I feel decidedly more confident and excited about my work now that I have.

skye | how do you replenish your creativity?

When I find myself in a creative rut, planning a personal shoot helps me to get excited about working again. I often find inspiration for these in books, movies, or just by letting my imagination wander a bit.

skye | how did you choose the wardrobe + accessories?

I found the cape while lost on Etsy, and selected the rest of the clothing to complement it. I really wanted to use hunter-green Wellingtons, but was happy with the lace-up boots I found, as well as the little bucket hat.



Until next time!

- skye, xoxo


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Images © Rebecca Sehn
Facebook | Rebecca Sehn

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Adorable! Love the way it all flows together.

  2. Liz B. says:

    These images are so pretty!! I love the mood the colors and outfit choice gave the whole session.. I think the sun really worked even though she didn’t plan for it

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