August 30, 2012

P’s + Q’s

Today we have a showcase by photographer Chantelle of Live.Love.Laugh.Photograph! {Memories by Chantelle} . . . enjoy the back-to-school goodness!

In Chantelle’s own words:I had the most fun ever planning and shooting this mini session!!! I’ve been wanting to offer these back-to school minis for awhile now and have been planning for it all summer. You really don’t need to spend alot of money prepping for a session such as this! Just lots of ideas, and some free time for searching and scrounging around for the perfect items that will give your session it’s own life and reflect your ideas! So I borrowed an antique school desk from a friend, whose daughter actually uses it as a work and art desk, and built my theme around that! I then went on a hunt for antique shops that would best reflect my needs. I browsed the shops in the adorable historic town of Snohomish, Washington for vintage school finds, where I found old style learning books, & readers, a very antique table top pencil sharpener, an old lunch box, and I SCORED on the old school house vocabulary posters!!!!

A shop that carried very unique wrapping papers,  is where I found the maps — which was really wrapping paper!  I even browsed through our modern stores such as Target for the ‘fake’ apples and the huge globe, World Market for the vintage globe,  and Claire’s for the glasses!  And I found the very cute plaid girl school jumper at abercrombie & fitch, but any vintage school girl dress, or suspenders with a plaid shirt and rolled up jeans for a boy — would work beautifully! You just need to get a bit creative with your “scrounging!” That’s almost — the most fun part!  Almost! Photographing the session was where we had a blast and made so many memories while capturing this very special milestone!! And what better model than my own little kindergartener (and we also borrowed my dear friend’s new sweetheart of a kindergartner!) who is so crazy excited to start grade school herself this year! She had such a blast playing up the part and got right into her “character” while I snapped away! I highly recommend you give your own vintage back – to – school mini sessions a try!

I think my favorite piece in this set up is the phonics posters – what about yours?

Until next time!

- Skye, xoxo


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  1. amanda says:

    so cool chantelle! was excited to see miss grace in there toooo :)

  2. Ann Bennett says:

    What a fun way to do a back-to-school session! <3

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