Sweetlight Collective Workshop

EDITED: Added a Dallas Texas date. Email for info!

location | temecula, california

date | Sept 24 + 25 2013

with | skye hardwick edmonds of work of heart photo + founder of the reverie blog.

| visit the sweetlight collective workshop website |

limited spaces available + workshop is nearly full.

a smaller workshop for an intimate experience. workshop is focused on creativity with four shoots planned. use of skye’s favorite props, scenes, clothing + models.


Until next time!

- Skye, xoxo


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Showcase | The Crane Wife

If you have been a Reverie reader for awhile, you may remember Sarah Vasquez of Hope and Memory Photography based in the Seattle WA area. Us photographers are more visual creatures, so here are two of Sarah’s past showcases: Vintage Rainbow Brite | Elizabethan Showcase

BTW, I urge you to go to Sarah’s Blog here to visit her original blog post about this story . . .  there you can see a video of the song that inspired it all, as well as more images (that are displayed much better than I was able to here).

Here, in Sarah’s own words, are the details behind this concept:

“First, you need to know that this concept was inspired by one of my favorite bands, The Decemberists. They released an album in 2006 titled “THE CRANE WIFE”. There are three songs on this album (Crane Wife 1, 2, and 3) that tell a story that has captured my imagination for quite some time now. I’ve included a video of this below; please watch it to get the full effect.

This was a personal project that was very special to me. I knew going into it that I was going to have to take my time with every last detail since I also knew that I wanted these on my walls. I could not find a wardrobe that fit my vision for this shoot and I did what I often do and decided to just make something. Unfortunately, I do not have the best sewing technique and tend to learn things like that on the fly so I ENLISTED THE HELP OF A FRIEND THAT IS A VERY TALENTED COSTUME SEAMSTRESS AND KNITTER to help me construct the bones of the dress. My vision for this shoot was sculpted by THE DECEMBERISTS style of music, especially on their Crane Wife album, which has a whimsical western flare to it (in my ever so humble opinion, anyway); the dress had to reflect that. I started with a “western” prairie girl-esque dress pattern from Simplicity (kind of like THIS WESTERN STYLE GIRLS COSTUME but I can’t remember now if it was actually this pattern) and mixed and matched the pieces in there until we got the look I wanted with a stark white sateen-like material. I then picked different elements, all in grey, white, and black, to embellish it and give it an avian feel. This included a white with black piping ruffle fabric, sheer white frienge, lots of lace, and some grey organza to add a Victorian sash (kind of like tail feathers). To put it simply, the finished product is, despite my shoddy costuming abilities, stunning!”


Swoon. Nothing like a beautiful + creative concept shoot. Well done, Sarah!

Love this shoot? Be sure to share with your photographer friends. The more comments + feedback we get here on Reverie, the more showcases will be featured!

Until next time,

- Skye, xoxo


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February 28, 2013

Florabella B+W Actions | New

Those who have been around me know that I love (and use) Florabella Actions.

She’s just released a B+W deluxe actions set . . . swoon! Though I’m primary color these days, when I first started my business I was a b+w only photographer — so I do have a love for b+w’s.

Right now for a limited time you can receive bonus “matte actions” with your purchase. Matte actions are all the rage (another personal love of mine).

Click here to visit the Florabella website.


Happy editing!

Until next time,

- Skye, xoxo

January 31, 2013

Showcase | Rebecca Sehn

Introducing photographer Rebecca Sehn of Vancouver, Canada.

In her own words Rebecca tells of the inspiration behind her shoot below.

skye | what was the inspiration behind this shoot?

The idea for this shoot was sparked when I stumbled upon the adorable little girl’s cape by April Scott. I loved the nostalgic feel of it, and it reminded me of the English countryside. I could picture so clearly a little girl exploring the moor in miniature Wellingtons.

skye | did your initial vision for the shoot stray too far from the final result? If so, please elaborate:

One thing that I have no control over is the weather: I had envisioned the shoot taking place under very dark, moody skies. The actual day of the shoot was quite sunny, so the end result was a little brighter and cheerier than I had planned.

skye | how did you choose this location?

I wanted a spot with long, wild grass that looked like it could be a marshland. The location I chose was the closest thing I could find to that up here in Vancouver!

skye | thinking back to when you first started as a photographer, how do you feel about how your style has evolved over the years? Are you where you hoped or thought you would be?

I have a really clear vision of how I like my work to look, and I suppose it’s a combination of lighting, styling, posing, and mood. Comparing to when I first picked up a camera – I was just happy to get my exposure correct! It took me quite a few years to find my style, and I feel decidedly more confident and excited about my work now that I have.

skye | how do you replenish your creativity?

When I find myself in a creative rut, planning a personal shoot helps me to get excited about working again. I often find inspiration for these in books, movies, or just by letting my imagination wander a bit.

skye | how did you choose the wardrobe + accessories?

I found the cape while lost on Etsy, and selected the rest of the clothing to complement it. I really wanted to use hunter-green Wellingtons, but was happy with the lace-up boots I found, as well as the little bucket hat.



Until next time!

- skye, xoxo


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Editing Mix

Music + editing. What is one without the other?

As I was compiling a new list of songs for my upcoming workshop, I thought . . . why not share?

But first, I want to give props to the inspiring sisters at sassyfras studios for  telling me about many of these musical gems.

sarah jarosz | runaway
orphans, kingdoms | brooke fraser
until you came along | jj heller
tightrope | joy williams
dreamer | elizaveta
ho hey | the lumineers
barton hollow | the civil wars
garbage in | tal & acacia
let go | frou frou
hem me in | amy seeley
come thou fount | chelsea moon + uncle daddy
when the rains came | beth rowley
jolene | mindy smith
something in the water | brooke fraser
stay | sara bareilles
beautiful tomorrow | beth rowley
gotta have you | the weepies
the earth is yours | gungor
live in a van | burlap to cashmere
lost and found | katie herzig
you’re my favorite | joy williams
hold us together | matt maher
annabelle lee | sarah jarosz
tip of my tongue | the civil wars
armies of your heart | elizaveta
hymn | chelsea moon + uncle daddy
dancing in the minefields | andrew peterson
clearview | tal & acacia
flowers in your hair | the lumineers
who will save your soul | jewel
best day of your life | katie herzig
1,000 ships | rachel platten
betty | brooke fraser
oo la la | priscilla ahn
click, click, click, click | bishop allen
one of those days | joy williams
isabella | dia frampton
suitcases | dara maclean
dry bones | gungor
chelsea burns | keren ann
carolina in my mind | james taylor
sunshine | matt costa
down home girl | old crow medicine show
oh honey | the audreys
colors | april smith
crows & locusts | brooke fraser
when you come back down | nickel creed
love reality | charmaine
sweet pea | amos lee
be thou my vision | benjamin dunn + friends
the harvester | brandon heath
carnival | natalie merchant


What’s on your list? Would love to hear your favorites!


Until next time!

- Skye, xoxo


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Skye Hardwick of Work of Heart Photography 
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