The Posing Guide


A pose can make or break a portrait.

If the subject looks too unnatural, awkward, or uncomfortable  – then that is what will over-power the image. With creative and natural posing, however, the image becomes about your subject, everything has a flow.

If you’re like me . . . I’m a visual learner. I’m a photographer, after all. I crave visuals! I can read about a pose, but to truly grasp it, I need to see it in action. This is where my Posing Guide comes into play. In-the-moment inspiration in a beautifully displayed visual format.

Not to mention, a Posing Guide is a fabulous asset for those who may struggle with “on the spot” creativity when photographing someone (or anytime you want to capture a special moment). If you’re creative mojo seems to be lacking, simply pull out your Pose Guide (or have it ready on your phone/iPod) and be inspired!

Posing Guide Specs:

✤ 50 professionally designed 4×5 posing cards for home or lab printing.

✤ New 7 page booklet for more in-depth posing advice!

✤  Both Posing + Session ideas are included in the guide!

✤ Posing Guide is in downloadable .PDF format only. You can download instantly after purchase!

✤ Option to upload guide to a portable device (phone, iPod, etc.) for easy inspiration access!

✤ Printing and assembly instructions included.

✤ Both PDF and JPG versions of the Posing Guide are included. The PDF version is higher quality (ideal for paper printing), and the JPG makes uploading the guide to your favorite portable device simple.

Please be sure you can open PDF files before making your purchase. You can download Adobe Reader free by clicking here. Gotta love that Adobe.

Purchase the Posing Guide

For a limited time only … my new Cropping Guide comes FREE with Guide purchase!


The Posing Guide no longer comes free with the purchase of the Workshop Workbook, however, you can purchase both the Workbook (retail $399) and the Posing Guide (retail $149) together for the price of $249!

No discount coded needed — simply click the purchase button below!

Oh yeah, the Cropping Guide comes free with purchase too!

You can read more on the Workshop Workbook by clicking here.

Images Below

I had my local Staples print (front and back) + laminate my copy.

Clipped it to my Kelly Moore Camera Bag and I’m session ready!

I fully believe that the poses featured in my Posing Guide will serve as a foundation for the new twists and takes you bring to your clients and will build your confidence in YOUR ability to create and YOUR eye to stylize!

Remember, if you have questions about the Posing Guide or Workbook, please visit the FAQ page here before emailing.

Happy Posing!

- Skye, xoxo


PS - Giveaway Opportunity

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  1. Brenda says:

    Love the looks of the posing guide! Would love to see more!

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    Would love to win the canon 50mm 1.4!!!! It is actually on my list! :)

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    sara hadley

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    Ayelet May

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    Looks awesome!

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    Chantelle Rowe

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    LOVE your everything:)

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