Frequently Asked Questions


“Help, I’m having trouble with the download. Don’t tell me I wasted my money and am receiving nothing!?”

Of course not, now let’s not think like that. Please understand that in working with computers, servers, and the internet you are bound to come up against issues. Don’t panic — simply email me (once) and I will respond with help as soon as possible.



“Does the Posing Guide come with the Workbook”

No, as of 11/15/2011 the Posing Guide is a separate purchase from the Workshop Workbook UNLESS there is a current sale stating otherwise. Please make a note of this before making your purchase.



“Do you have any testimonials I can read before purchase?”

Absolutely! Please visit the Testimonials Page to view reader raves about the Workbook.



“I’m new a photographer. Is this Workbook suited for me?”

Definitely! If you’re interested in turning your love of photography into a career you can be excited about, then the Workbook is for you. It will show you the ins and outs of how I started my business and turned it into a success.

There are detailed lessons in both the creative and practical aspects of building a photography business, from finding inspiration to figuring out your pricing structure. It’s a great resource for beginners and more practiced photographers alike that will show you how to create a children’s photography business that you can be proud of and that will sustain you financially.



“I’m a mom who wants to take better pictures of her kids. I don’t plan on going into business – is this Workbook for me?”

You can certainly learn a lot about how to take better pictures of your children from the Workbook including styling ideas, lighting tips and a posing tips that can help your kids feel more comfortable in front of the camera. That said, the Workbook is specifically geared towards photographers seeking to become professional business owners – there is a lot of business related information that likely won’t apply to you.

If you feel the experience you could gain as a casual photographer is worth the price of the Workbook though, it will definitely help you learn how to better capture those priceless family moments. And who knows? Plans change. Maybe the workbook will inspire a new career for you!



“I’m a pet and senior photographer, can this book help me?”

Although I think everyone who is interested in creating a sustainable photography business could find some guidance from the Workbook, it is specifically geared towards children photographers. I would recommend it only for those who are actively pursuing children and/or family session photography.


“Have you ever considered parsing out the workbook into smaller parcels so that it is more affordable?? I would love to have this, but can’t afford the full price.”

I have no plans to break the Workbook up into  separate sections. My goal with the Workbook is not to be more affordable, but to offer the best product for those who are able to invest in the learning. I believe I do that.



“I’ve just downloaded the Workbook and a few of the .PDF files are coming up blank. Help?”

Don’t worry! Please make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Reader—download it for free right here.



“How detailed is the Photoshop section?”

I guide you through my personal editing process and show you all the actions I frequently use to achieve the effects my photographs are known for. I take you through the process of editing two different color photographs, step by step, and also discuss the steps I take to convert images to black and white.

There is also a “before and after” series of five photos showcasing the difference between what the photos looked like right out of the camera and how they looked after my editing process, along with notations of what I did to each image. It does not cover the basic how-tos of Photoshop, you will need to be familiar with its workings already. If you need additional help with that I recommend any book by Scott Kelby—he’s a Photoshop genius!



“Can I view a sample document?”

In an effort to protect my copyrighted work, I don’t offer a sample view of the Workbook. Feel free to take a peek at the Table of Contents in the images section of this site and make sure to read the details page that explains what’s included – those will give you a great sense of what’s covered in the Workbook so you can gauge whether it’s right for you.



“What does my purchase include?”

Please click here for a comprehensive breakdown of not only what’s included in the workbook, but all the fun free extras you’ll receive with your purchase.



“Do you plan on any more upgrades? If so, will they be free?”

I am planning on a Workbook upgrade later on in 2013 and I hope to offer a special rate to anyone who has already purchased the Workbook.



“Who do you recommend not buy this Workbook?”

The Workbook is a compilation of lessons from my business experience meant to help inspire and teach. It is a guide to success, but will only be truly beneficial to those who are willing to work hard in implementing all the teachings within it. In that sense, I would not recommend it to anyone who is not eagerly ready and willing to learn or motivated to do what it takes to make their business succeed. If you’re looking for a magic formula for success, this isn’t it. If you’re looking to be just like me, this Workbook will not show you how. It will teach how to tune into your own photographic voice to create a business presence that is uniquely your own, but only if you’re ready to take all the necessary steps.



“I’ve attended a Soulographer Workshop in the past. Do I get this Workbook for free?”

Thank you for attending the live workshop! The fee you paid to attend covered all the materials that were offered at that workshop. Additional materials, including this Workbook, are not included in that fee and will need to be purchased separately.



“What program do I need to read the Workbook?

All you need is the free Adobe Reader, which you can download right here. The Workbook is viewable only with this program. You are restricted in opening the Workbook with other programs such as Photoshop. To access the free business form documents that are included, you will need a program that can open Word documents (Word, Word Perfect, Publisher, Notepad, TextEdit, etc). Right-click the form you wish to open with your mouse and you should see options on what to open it with.