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shooting locations and how to find them.

Showcase | Bethanie Louden Photography

Introducing Bethanie Louden (Bethanie Louden Photo). I’ll admit there are way more showcases on Reverie featuring girls, but when we do feature boys, it is so worth the wait! Please join me as I chat with Bethanie about her inspiring shoot … Continue reading

November 26, 2011

Shooting Locations pt. One

Skye’s Note: This article was previously written on my other blog for photographers, Soulographer. Visit to see more of my photo-related articles. One of the questions I am asked frequently deals with my shooting locations: where do I find these … Continue reading

Showcase | Light Fantastic

Wish you could have been there. Seriously. Recently, we went on a two week trip back to my hometown near Pittsburgh, PA. This particular barn was in NE Ohio two houses down from my Dad’s house. The lighting inside that barn … Continue reading

A Photographer’s Dream

My husband + I are hoping to move into a new house in the next few months. A must? Some  yardage. (Skye Shouts) I need a yard! Those who know I live in SoCal, don’t laugh . . . it … Continue reading